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The security landscape has changed dramatically over recent years. The cyberattacks of today have become more pervasive, persistent, and proficient than ever at eluding and damaging traditional security architecture. To protect your enterprise, you must know what is coming, secure your digital interactions, detect and manage inevitable breaches, and safeguard business continuity and regulatory compliance.

Breaches will occur – it is the matter of “when,” not “if.” This is where RSG comes into the picture – a leading cybersecurity integrator providing tailored services to the retail and consumer services industries. Our preventive and progressive approach will help you take the lead while addressing these threats, focusing on the needs of your business, and assist you with building customer trust. Our security services will digitally transform your enterprise in a secure manner to stay ahead of the curve.

Our security practice follows a tri-model solutions framework – Protect, Inform, and Enable. We begin with protection, where the thrust is to protect the customer’s digital assets. Secondly, to inform, we continuously monitor and alert the organization by implementing an effective Incident Response System. Lastly, we enable businesses through insights for decision making.

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Advisory Services

Our experienced teams focus on identifying vulnerabilities in client environments. Strategies and plans are put in place to remediate and mitigate exposure. Our end goal is to improve your corporation’s overall security, health and readiness. Our global experts are experienced in preparing clients with existing or new requirements such as PCI or GDPR requirements.

PCI Compliance

RSG PCI consulting services will help to minimize the cost and complexity of building, implementing and managing a PCI program. Offload critical and resource-intensive tasks to our team of experts. As an extension of your on-site compliance team, our PCI specialists help minimize the burden of PCI compliance while aligning security requirements, technology and business goals to cost-effectively manage risk.

SOC Managed Services

RSG takes accountability for the day-to-day defense of your infrastructure by monitoring your networks, systems and data, on a 24/7/365-day basis. We add value by providing context and enriching the data you receive, helping to optimize your organization’s IT security monitoring, incident detection, and incident response times.

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