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Wireless Solutions
for today’s retailer

Implementing omnichannel experiences on top of cloud migration shouldn’t be complicated.  See how the Meraki cloud networking platform can improve distribution, employee productivity, and the customer experience.

Meraki Platform
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Build business resiliency

Meraki cloud management allows lean IT teams to manage distributed workforces at scale.

  • Keep employees and shoppers securely connected, regardless of their location
  • Maintain flexibility for BYOD or company-issued devices with easy device management through Systems Manager (SM)
  • Monitor and optimize critical business applications (VoIP, POS, CRM) to maintain productivity and business continuity with Meraki Insight

Protect employee
and customer safety

Meraki cameras and intrusion sensors deliver real-time analytics on occupancy, guest traffic flow, and object detection to safeguard visitors and merchandise.

  • Measure store occupancy and maintain social distancing with Meraki MV cameras
  • Quickly identify key surveillance events and mitigate product loss with motion search
  • Defend critical inventory using Meraki MT intrusion sensors
  • Block security breaches at data centers and stores

Develop IT flexibility to manage uncertainty

The Meraki platform with its dashboard API expands the possibilities for retailers and customers of all sizes. Whether they’re custom built or plug-and-play through our technology partners, solutions built on the Meraki platform allow you to make the most of your network with modern tools like:

  • RFID-based inventory management
  • Buy online, pick-up in store (BOPIS)
  • Interactive guest Wi-Fi
  • Object detection • Video analytics
  • Wayfinding & mapping
  • Asset tracking
  • IoT & security
  • Network automation

Easily manage and expand your global network

Meraki minimizes on-site infrastructure (no controllers, NVRs, or other “boxes”), delivering location-independent cloud-based management.

  • Easily deploy from one to thousands of stores with global visibility
  • Template-based network configurations simplify provisioning at scale
  • Fix problems at a distance with remote troubleshooting tools
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Advanced security

With an increasingly distributed workforce, security is more important than ever. Our intuitive dashboard lets you remotely take total control of any incident, from alert to fix. Plus, our security solutions protect against advanced threats and are easy to implement across every layer of your network.

Next-generation Wi-Fi

Speed, reliability and performance are critical for all your users, wherever and whenever they’re online. Our enterprise-grade Wi-Fi solutions give you the power to create amazing digital experiences by offering faster, more powerful connections, even in challenging indoor or outdoor environments.

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The new digital workplace

Businesses are undergoing a revolutionary transformation. By expanding your digital workplace into home offices, you can improve the employee experience, enhance security, advance productivity and help you make the most of your IT investments.

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